22 Church Street, Alwalton, Peterborough, PE7 3UU

Welcome to the listing of football programmes for sale. I have been collecting football programmes ever since I attended my first football match in 1962. Five years later I started buying and selling programmes, initially advertising in the Soccer Star. I now have about 250,000 programmes (not all different unfortunately) and have built up a reputation for supplying excellent quality programmes at reasonable prices. Since I started I have stopped issuing printed catalogues but please make a note of my address because I am quite happy to send a printed copy of your clubs'  programmes (please send an SAE) to you or your friends if at any time an internet connection is not convenient.

All the programmes listed are in first-class condition for their age with most being in mint condition. Usually the only sub-standard items listed are the rarer items and the fault is stated.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with any of the programmes that I send please return the items within a week for a FULL NO-QUIBBLE REFUND.

Cheques and Postal Orders payable to footballsite please. For orders under £3 I will accept unused postage stamps. For your own protection it is not advisable to send cash (or stamps) through the post unless registered. Orders from overseas and the Republic of Ireland - payments in £ sterling only please (any cheque refunds will be in £ sterling).

Please always check the latest listing as programmes are subject to availability and price change. I have many copies of some programmes, but only one of others. If possible please list alternatives, failing this I will make a cheque refund or send a Credit Note (your choice). Credit Notes can be redeemed for programmes - or cash - at any time. A popular way to avoid refunds or Credit Notes if no alternatives are required is to leave your cheque blank and to write 'not to exceed...(amount)'. I would complete the cheque for the relevant amount and advise you accordingly. 

Dealers, car-booters etc please see Collections & Wholesale page.


I wish there was an easy way to fairly charge postage but the fact is that some programmes are no more than a single A4 sheet while others weigh a ton! My favoured way is to ask for a contribution towards postage and packing costs which in most cases will be less than the actual charge -

Programme order value Please add postage (UK orders)
Up to £4.99 £1.50
£5 to £9.99 £2.50
£10 to £14.99 £3.50
£15 to £24.99 £4.50
Over £25 £5.00 (maximum for UK addresses for orders of any size)

Postage overseas is painfully more expensive and so I have to charge it at cost. For orders from overseas (including the Republic of Ireland) please add 50% of the programme value to cover postage although I will refund the difference if the actual postage is higher but also reserve the right to charge more if the destination/weight results in a higher actual postage cost.

If you want recorded delivery on letter post please add 63p or £1 if you want a compensation fee on a parcel.

I always try to send orders out quickly but holidays etc occasionally cause delays for which I apologise in advance.

Generally, unless otherwise stated programmes are league matches. Listed programmes marked FAC are FA Cup, LC are League Cup (Worthington, Rumbelows, Milk etc), SC - Scottish Cup, Fr - friendly, while the other main main abbreviations used are FMC - Full Members Cup; SC - Simod Cup; ZDS - Zenith Data Systems; Auto - Autoglass; FRT - Freight Rover Trophy; SVT - Sherpa Van Trophy; LDC - Leyland Daf Cup; LDV - LDV Vans; JPT - Johnstone's Paint Trophy; AMC - Associate Members Cup; LT - League Trophy; GC - Group Cup; WC - Watney Cup; AS - Anglo Scottish Cup; TC - Texaco Cup; SSSC - Screen Sport Super Cup; MCT - Mercantile Centenary Trophy. AIC - Anglo-Italian Cup.

If you are interested in an exchange or have programmes to sell please contact me.