All 50p each unless otherwise stated. 

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PRE-LEAGUE (Homes - league unless stated) - 79/80 Norwich (FAC); 85/6 Hereford (FAC) £1.50; 87/8 Barnet (Celebration match) 60p; 88/9 Torquay (FAC) 60p; 89/90 Barnet 60p, Barnet (Bob Lord Trophy) 60p, Cheltenham 80p, Kidderminster 70p, Wycombe (Lord Trophy s/f) 60p; 90/1 Kidderminster 70p, Newcastle (opening of new ground) £2, Wycombe 60p; 91/2 Cheltenham 80p; 93/4 Fulham (FAC).

MATCHES at YEOVIL - England Youth 90/1 Wales; 93/4 France. England Semi-Professional 94/5 Wales.


PRE-LEAGUE (Aways - league unless stated) - at Cambridge United 87/8 (FAC) 60p; Maidstone 73/4 60p; Plymouth (reserves) 92/3 20p, 93/4 20p; Torquay 88/9 (FAC) 60p.

League - at Port Vale 07/8; Shrewsbury 06/7 (JPT).



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