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Some of the questions are easy, some difficult but overall I would give it a pass mark of 5 out of 10.

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Mike was transferred from Swindon to Manchester City in 1965 and in 1994 his son Nicky made the same move. Mike and Nicky who?



During the 2009/10 season which club became the first side from the Premier League to suffer a nine point deduction after entering administration?


Which ground is pictured alongside?
(2004 photo)


In 1985 who became the first player to be sent off in an F.A. Cup Final? 


In August 2011 riots in the streets of Tottenham spread to other parts of the country. Several football matches were postponed including a friendly international at Wembley. Which country would have provided England's opposition?


Gabby Logan is the daughter of which former Welsh international footballer?




Pictured alongside is someone who once managed a club to European Cup success. Name him

Apart from Manchester United and Fulham, which two clubs did George Best make Football League appearances for?


In November 1971 Ted MacDougall scored nine goals for Bournemouth against which club in an FA Cup First Round tie?


Which League side has its home at Bloomfield Road?