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Who did England beat in a penalty shoot-out at Wembley in the quarter-finals of Euro 96? 



After scoring a Premier League goal against Manchester United in October 2011 which player celebrated by revealing a T-shirt with the message "Why always me?"


Which club won a Football League championship/FA Cup winning double in 1960/61?


In European competitions this English club knocked-out Real Madrid in 1973, Lazio in 1973 and Barcelona in 1979 but were themselves knocked-out by AC Milan in 1962, AS Roma in 1982 and Inter Milan in 2001. Name the club. 


Which Englishman had Jose Mourinho as an interpreter when he first joined Sporting Lisbon as manager.


In the 2005 FA Cup Final who failed to score his penalty which was to give Arsenal a 5-4 penalty shoot-out victory over Manchester United?  





Which famous person from the world of football is pictured alongside? 


Born in Singapore, the former England player has managed Sunderland as well as having played and managed in the Scottish League. Who? 



Which former England International gained the nickname 'Psycho'? 


Prior to their move to the Bescot Stadium what was the home ground of Walsall FC?