So you think that you know a thing or two about the World Cup - test your knowledge with this Quiz.

Perhaps a tad more difficult than most of the others so a pass mark of 4 out of 10. I guess if you are Scottish you will now be less familiar with the World Cup so a pass mark for you of 2 out of 10.

So will you end up as a World beater or an international dunce?
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World Cup

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Name any of the three opponents England faced in the Group stage of the 2002 World Cup finals in Japan & Korea.



Who was the 17-year-old who played for Northern Ireland in the 1982 World Cup finals?


Who is the player - pictured right - who scored 10 goals in the 1970 World Cup finals to help his country reach 3rd place in the competition?


In November 1993 England conceded one of their most embarrassing World Cup goals when David Gualtieri scored against them less than 10 seconds from the kick off. That was in a qualifying match against which country?


At which World Cup finals did Peter Shilton play his 125th and last international appearance for England?


In which year was the Jules Rimet trophy last presented? 




Name the mascot (pictured alongside) that was used at the 1966 World Cup finals in England.

Which country reached the World Cup Final in both 1974 and 1978 but were beaten on both occasions?



Who resigned as England manager after failing to get England to the 1994 World Cup finals?


Why did the referee delay the start of the 1974 World Cup final?