So you think that you know a thing or two about Sport - test your knowledge with this Quiz.

A mixture of sports and difficult and easy questions -  I have set the pass mark at 5 out of 10.

So will you end up as Sporting Mastermind or Sporting Disaster?
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Who is the only person to have played first-class County cricket and won a World Cup winners medal at football?  



Who is pictured alongside and in which event did he win a gold medal at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne?


In 1995 Black Magic became the fist non-US boat to win the America's Cup. Which country did it represent? 


The Solheim Cup is played for by women in which sport?


Ray Barneveld has been a world champion in which sport?


In April 2004 Prince William played for the Scottish Universities team in which sport?


In 1987 former England Rugby Union captains Fran Cotton and Steve Smith founded which famous leisurewear company?


Born in Sheffield in 1974 of Yemeni parents he later became a world champion boxer. Who?  


Name the Australian golfer nicknamed 'The Great White Shark'? 


What is the main sporting claim to fame of Grove in Oxfordshire?