Every major city has a long sporting tradition - but how much do you know about them?.

A mixture of difficult and easy questions but overall I don't think it is the most difficult of quizzes but I'll be generous with a pass mark of 5 out of 10.

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Sporting Cities

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Grace Road, Welford Road and Filbert Street are important addresses in the sporting heritage of which British city?






Pictured are three famous sporting venues in an English city - which one is at the top of the picture?

Which British city made unsuccessful bids to host the 1996 and 2000 Olympics?


With which American city do you associate the Bruins (ice hockey), Patriots (American football) and the Red Sox (baseball)?


Gordon Banks, Jessica Ennis, Naseem Hamed, Uriah Rennie and Neil Warnock would seem a fairly random group of sportspeople but they have one thing in common - they were all born in the same city. Which city?




An aerial photo of the two closest major football stadiums in Britain - where?

Which is the most northerly city to have staged a football World Cup final?

In the 1969/70 season which Football League club had to change its name from 'Town' to 'City' when its home town was elevated to city status?


Which is the only British city to have hosted the Commonwealth Games twice?


Which is the only city in the world to host both the Olympics and Commonwealth/Empire Games, host a cricket World Cup final and one of the four Tennis 'Grand Slam' tournaments and stage a F1 street-circuit Grand Prix?