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A new record for a transfer fee received by Queens Park Rangers was set when Newcastle United paid them £6 million for which player in June 1995?



The picture alongside is of someone who once managed his country. Who?


Which club played their first League match at their new home ground against Watford on August 10th 2002?


'Wayne Rooney's on a hundred grand a week. Mind you, so was I until the police found my printing machine.' That's a favourite after-dinner joke given by a former Welsh international who played for Manchester United in an FA Cup final before being sentenced to 18 months in prison for his part in a counterfeit currency scam. Who?


Which former Coronation Street actor bought a Premier League club?


Don Mackay, Kenny Dalglish, Ray Harford, Roy Hodgson, Brian Kidd and Tony Parkes were the managers of which club in the 1990s?




A photo of a Football League ground taken in 2006. Which ground?


Which Scottish League side are known as the Doonhamers?

In February 2012 which former Newcastle, Sunderland and Fulham player suffered a managerial sacking after recording just 3 defeats in the 55 League matches before his sacking, a run that included a club record 43 match unbeaten run in the League?


Paul Gascoigne and David Ginola were team-mates only once in a Premiership match, when playing against Arsenal on February 10th 2002. Which club were they playing for?