So, do you know as much about football as you think you do - test your knowledge with this Quiz.

A few difficult questions but overall I would rank this as a fairly easy quiz so a pass mark of 6 out of 10.

So will you end up as a smart arse or duffer?
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In February 2007 Tom Hicks and George Gillett bought which football club?


Who is pictured alongside?



The last two league matches played at this ground were the Premier League visits of Manchester United on Sunday 13th May and Arsenal on Saturday 19th May 2001. Which ground?


Who are the 'Stags' who play at the Field Mill Ground?


Who managed Fulham to the Europa League final in 2010?


The Premier League had 22 clubs when in started in the 1992/93 season. One of those clubs was managed by Joe Royle - which one?


A which ground would you find this statue?



Paul Gascoigne's last few appearances in the Football League were for which club?


A 2-1 victory over Switzerland at Wembley with Jermaine Jenas scoring the opening goal proved to be a winning start for which England manager?


Many footballers seem to lack imagination when it comes to giving a name to their autobiographies. The most popular title - which include autobiographies from David Beckham, Paul Gascoigne, Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand - is what?