Love them or hate them Managers are people who we all have strong opinions about. How well do you remember what they have done over the years - test your knowledge with this Quiz.

Some of the questions are easy, some difficult but overall I would say this is a toughie so a pass mark of just 4 out of 10.

So are you a Managerial expert or duffer?
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Born in Milan, he was awarded an MBE in recognition of a career in football which included a 24 year spell as manager of a Football League club (since added to as a caretaker manager). Who?



Name the person pictured alongside who managed an English side to a European Cup final victory.


In July 1977 which famous footballing manager was sacked by his club as a result of his affair with Mary Brown, the wife of the club physio?


During the 2009/10 season which Championship club sacked two managers, one who was the son of a Premier League club manager at the time and the other who was the son of a former England international player and Birmingham City manager?


In 2008 who resigned as a Premier Division manager when two of his players - Anton Ferdinand and George McCartney - were sold to Sunderland against his wishes?


Name the Brighton manager who in March 1974 turned turned down an offer of £400 per week from the Shah of Persia to manage the Iranian national team.




Which FA Cup winning manager was immortalised in a statue, pictured right?

His managerial CV lasted from 1970 to 1983 when he managed Hull, Spurs and Arsenal as well as his own national side. Who?

Who followed Steve McClaren as manager of Middlesbrough?


Name the Fulham manager who was appointed as manager of England in 1999