Many column inches are written about the families of sporting heroes - either because of their own sporting exploits or just because they make an interesting story. So how much do you know about them? Test your knowledge with this Quiz.

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What is the surname of the Canadian father and son, Gilles and Jacques, of F1 motor racing fame?



In July 1999 a member of a group whose hits included Goodbye, Viva Forever and 2 Become 1 married an English Sportsperson. Name the couple.


Barbara McNally, the sister of which member of Manchester United's 1968 European Cup winning side, sold his medal at auction for £156,000 in October 2010?


The son of a very famous footballer won the Wimbledon junior boys tennis championship in 1962. Father and son shared the same name, which was...?


Gary and Phil Neville are well known as England international footballers but at which sport is their sister Tracey an England international?


Mum won the European 3 day equestrian event gold medal in 1971 and her daughter won the same title in 2005. Name them.


Suzanne Packer is perhaps best known in her role as Tess Bateman in the BBC series Casualty. Name her younger brother who once won an Olympic medal.


Dad played in the 1971 European Cup Final at Wembley and his son played three times at the same venue in the late 1990s in the Charity Shield. Name the father and son.


In 1990 an unlikely – and short-lived – marriage took place when Damon Welch, the son of actress Raquel Welch, married Rebecca, the daughter of a famous British sportsman. Which sportsman?


Name the brother and sister partnership who won the 2004 mixed doubles title at Wimbledon.