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Who was Millwall's player-manager against Manchester United in the 2004 FA Cup Final?



Floodlights have progressed from the days when they were stuck at the top of a pylon in each corner of the ground. This is a picture of a floodlight at which ground?


Which club did Bradford City defeat in the two-legged semi-finals of the Capital One Cup (League Cup) in 2012/13?


After scoring a Premier League goal against Southampton on Boxing Day 2012 who took off his shirt to reveal a message written on his t-shirt ‘Keep Calm and Pass Me The Ball.’


In February 2013 two ex-Portsmouth players, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari, scored the goals when which club beat Barcelona 2-0 in a Champions League Last 16 first leg tie?




His former clubs included Nottingham Forest, Leeds, Everton, Chelsea and Blackburn with 'The Last Fancy Dan' being the title of his autobiography. Who?

I didn't think I would include Latin translation on this site but Nil Satis Nisi Optimum roughly translates as nothing but the best is good enough. Which club has the Latin phrase as part of its badge?

The newspaper headlines were all along the lines of 'What a divot!' when goalkeeper Paul Robinson failed to connect with a Gary Neville back-pass which ended up in the back of the net. Who were England's opponents on that evening in October 2006?


Which famous club has its postal address as 748 High Road?


Back in 1892 before a Lancashire Cup-tie against stronger opposition the Chairman of which club said 'We shall shake 'em', those words giving the club the nickname they have had ever since?