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Who was born in England with an Italian surname, played for many years in France and Scotland and for a while held the international appearance record for the Republic of Ireland despite later finding out that he wasn't qualified to play for that country through his blood relatives?





Probably better known by most as a manager rather than a player who is pictured alongside?

Which club used to have its home in Filbert Street?



In which city was the 2008 Chelsea v Manchester United Champions League final played?


Why did the FA Cup 1st Qualifying Round match between Sleaford Town and Huntingdon Town in September 2013 hit the headlines?


Which Scottish League side are known as 'The Blue Brazil'?




Doug Ellis is perhaps best known for his stint as chairman of Aston Villa. It is said that he wasn't too happy with the nickname he picked up there although he was happy to use it as part of the title of his autobiography. It was what?

In May 2007 Spurs signed Gareth Bale from which club?

In September 2013 which former leader of the Labour party was escorted from his seat in the home section of Fulham's Craven Cottage ground after 'wildly celebrating' a goal scored by visitors Cardiff City in a Premier League fixture?


Who managed Everton for nearly four years immediately before David Moyes took over as manager?