As we all know footballers (and other top sportspeople) can hardly make ends meet from what they earn from sport so its not unusual to see them turn to advertising to earn that extra £ or two. Have any of those ads stuck in your mind?.

As always some of the questions are easy, some difficult but overall I would give it a pass mark of 5 out of 10.

More interesting I guess would be did you ever buy any of the products because of the ads?
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An easy one to start off with. In 2013 which former footballer appeared on the TV screens advertising Kronenbourg  lager?


The advice to sporting superstars Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jenson Button and Rory McIlroy must surely have been 'don't give up your day jobs' after they had appeared together advertising which bank?

Back in the 1970s Kevin Keegan and Henry Cooper got hot and sweaty together advertising which product?

What one player did in a match in January 2013 saw one of the clever Specsavers ads hit the newspapers. Who was the player they were suggesting should have visited them for a sight test?

The Coles in happier times. Back in 2006 - pre-marriage - the international superstar and the Chelsea footballer got together to advertise what?


Long before David Beckham came on the scene who was the original Brylcreem footballer?


Players are now bill-boards for the businesses that sponsor clubs. At the start of the 2013/14 season which Newcastle player initially refused to wear a Newcastle club shirt with the logo of the new sponsor, payday loan company Wonga?


A penalty miss in which tournament was followed by Gareth Southgate appearing in a TV advert for Pizza Hut.


In one of the most famous footballing ads of them all came a piece of classic coaching advice. If you didn't drink all your milk you would end up playing for which club?


Kevin Keegan did his bit for road safety when, as probably most famous footballer in the country at the time, he publicised a code to help kids cross the road safely. What was the name of that code?