Will we ever forget what happened at the 2012 Olympics? See if you have forgotten anything with this Olympic Quiz.

So will you end up with a gold medal or will you fail to qualify?

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Lyn Byl, Marie Gerbron, Ewa Palies, Zoe van der Weel and Yvonne Leuthold were all members of which British women's Olympic team?





These minis reputedly travelled about four miles a day doing what in the Olympic Stadium?


How long was the course used by the rowers at Eton Dorney?


Sarah Attar became the first woman from which country to compete on the track in an Olympic Games?


At which London venue was badminton staged?




The Briton pictured right won two medals in the London Olympics - in which event did he win a silver medal?


Name the horse that Zara Philips rode when winning a team silver medal in the equestrian three day event.

Why was Tom Daley allowed a re-dive of his first attempt in the 10m platform diving final?


Which Olympic football team walked off the pitch when the flag of another country was shown next to their team on the stadium screens?


Which Briton won a bronze at the 2004 Athens Olympics, silver at the 2012 London Olympics but won't be at Rio because his event is being dropped in 2016?