The European Cup has been around since the 1955/56 season with the Champions League taking over from 1992/93. How many thousands of hours of TV coverage have there been over the years? How much has stuck in your mind?

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European Cup -
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Who won the European Cup as a player in 1971, 1972 and 1973 and then as a manager in 1992?



Who is pictured, right, and which club did he manage to a European Cup final?


Which player was sent off in the 2008 Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester United


Name the England international who won Champions League winners medals in 2000 and 2002 when with Real Madrid, scoring a goal in the first of those finals.


Who managed Inter Milan to Champions League victory in the 2009/10 season?


Which 1960's European Cup winners was given the nickname of 'The Lisbon Lions'.




Which of the three players in the 'United Trinity' statue didn't win a European Cup winners medal?


Which is the only club to have won the European Cup/Champions League more often than they have won their own domestic league championship?


The record crowd for a European Cup or Champions League final was set back in 1960 when 127,621 attended the final - at which ground?


In the days when European Cup finals went to a replay if the 1968 final between Manchester United and Benfica had ended in a draw at Wembley where would the replay have been played?