So how much do you remember of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa - test your knowledge with this Quiz.

As time passes this quiz gets more difficult so a pass mark of just
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Which England player was replaced in the squad by Michael Dawson after suffering a training injury shortly after arriving in South Africa?



The final was played in the Soccer City Stadium (First National Bank Stadium), pictured right. In which city was the final played?


England played like a team of 39-year-old players but in fact only one player was 39. Who?


True or false - Spain became the first European country to win the World Cup played in a final staged outside of Europe?


England opened their campaign against the United States on June 12th. Name the other two countries in England's group.




The player pictured was named 'Player of the Tournament' in South Africa. Name him.

Who 'scored' England's well-over-the-line goal against Germany?

Internal strife led to a dismal World Cup for France and international bans for a number of their players. The worst punishment was an 18-match international ban handed to which Premier Division player at the time?


Who were the only unbeaten nation at the 2010 finals?


Well at least England provided the officials for the final! Howard Webb was the referee - name either of his linesmen.