1961/62  Results
Preliminary Round
Byes - Benfica (Portugal, as holders), Fenerbahce (Turkey), Valkeakosken Haka (Finland)
Thu Sep 21 CCA Bucharest0-0FK Austria
Thu Sep 28 FK Austria2-0CCA Bucharest
FK Austria (Austria) beat CCA Bucharest (Rumania) 2-0 on aggregate
Wed Sep 6 CDNA Sofia4-4Dukla Prague
Wed Sep 13 Dukla Prague2-1CDNA Sofia
Dukla Prague (Czechoslovakia) beat CDNA Sofia (Bulgaria) 6-5 on aggregate
Wed Sep 13 Gornik Zabrze4-2Tottenham Hotspur
Wed Sep 20 Tottenham Hotspur8-1Gornik Zabrze
Tottenham Hotspur (England) beat Gornik Zabrze (Poland) 10-5 on aggregate
Wed Sep 6 IFK Gothenburg0-3Feyenoord
Wed Sep 13 Feyenoord8-2IFK Gothenburg
Feyenoord (Holland) beat IFK Gothenburg (Sweden) 11-2 on aggregate
Tue Sep 5 Monaco2-3Rangers
Tue Sep 12 Rangers3-2Monaco
Rangers (Scotland) beat Monaco (France) 6-4 on aggregate
Wed Aug 23 Nuremberg5-0Drumcondra
Wed Sep 13 Drumcondra1-4Nuremberg
Nuremberg (West Germany) beat Drumcondra (Republic of Ireland) 9-1 on aggregate.
Wed Sep 20 Panathinaikos1-1Juventus
Wed Sep 27 Juventus2-1Panathinaikos
Juventus (Italy) beat Panathinaikos (Greece) 3-2 on aggregate.
Wed Sep 6 Servette5-0Hibernians
Wed Sep 20 Hibernians1-2Servette
Servette (Switzerland) beat Hibernians (Malta) 7-1 on aggregate 
Thu Sep 7 Spora Luxemburg0-6Odense
Wed Sep 13 Odense9-2Spora Luxemburg
Odense (Denmark) beat Spora Luxemburg 15-2 on aggregate
Wed Sep 13 Sporting Lisbon 1-1Partizan Belgrade
Wed Sep 20 Partizan Belgrade2-0Sporting Lisbon
Partizan Belgrade (Yugoslavia) beat Sporting Lisbon (Portugal) 3-1 on aggregate
Wed Sep 6 Standard Liege 2-1Fredrikstad
Wed Sep 20 Fredrikstad 0-2Standard Liege
Standard Liege (Belgium) beat Fredrikstad (Norway) 4-1 on aggregate
Wed Sep 6 Vasas Budapest 0-2Real Madrid
Wed Sep 20 Real Madrid 3-1Vasas Budapest
Real Madrid (Spain) beat Vasas Budapest (Hungary) 5-1 on aggregate
Wed Aug 23 Vorwaerts 3-0Linfield
Vorwaerts (East Germany) had a walk-over after Linfield (Northern Ireland) withdrew from the competition after playing the first leg. See note.
First Round
Wed Oct 18 Fenerbahce 1-2Nuremberg
Sun Dec 3 Nuremberg 1-0Fenerbahce
Nuremberg won 3-1 on aggregate 
Wed Nov 1 Feyenoord 1-3Tottenham Hotspur
Wed Nov 15 Tottenham Hotspur 1-1Feyenoord
Tottenham beat Feyenoord 4-2 on aggregate
Tue Oct 31 FK Austria 1-1Benfica
Wed Nov 8 Benfica 5-1FK Austria
Benfica beat FK Austria 6-2 on aggregate 
Wed Oct 18 Odense 0-3Real Madrid
Wed Oct 25 Real Madrid 9-0Odense
Real Madrid beat Odense 12-0 on aggregate
Sun Nov 5 Partizan Belgrade 1-2Juventus
Wed Nov 15 Juventus 5-0 Partizan Belgrade
Juventus beat Partizan Belgrade 7-1 on aggregate
Tue Oct 24 Standard Liege 5-1 Valkeakosken Haka 
Thu Nov 2 Valkeakosken Haka  0-2Standard Liege
Standard Liege beat Valkeakosken Haka 7-1 on aggregate
Sun Nov 5 Servette 4-3Dukla Prague
Wed Nov 22 Dukla Prague 2-0Servette
Dukla Prague beat Servette 5-4 on aggregate
Wed Nov 15 Vorwaerts 1-2Rangers
Thu Nov 23 Rangers 4-1Vorwaerts 
Rangers beat Vorwaerts 6-2 on aggregate. See note
Second Round
Wed Feb 14 Dukla Prague 1-0Tottenham Hotspur
Mon Feb 26 Tottenham Hotspur 4-1Dukla Prague
Tottenham Hotspur beat Dukla Prague 4-2 on aggregate
Wed Feb 14 Juventus 0-1Real Madrid
Mon Feb 26 Real Madrid 0-1Juventus
Wed Feb 28 Real Madrid 3-1Juventus    (in Paris)
After finishing 1-1 on aggregate Real Madrid defeated Juventus in a play-off match.
Thu Feb 1 Nuremberg 3-1Benfica
Thu Feb 22 Benfica 6-0Nuremberg
Benfica beat Nuremberg 7-3 on aggregate
Wed Feb 7 Standard Liege 4-1Rangers
Wed Feb 14 Rangers 2-0Standard Liege
Standard Liege beat Rangers 4-3 on aggregate
Wed Mar 21 Benfica 3-1Tottenham Hotspur
Thu Apr 5 Tottenham Hotspur 2-1Benfica
Benfica beat Tottenham Hotspur 4-3 on aggregate
Thu Mar 22 Real Madrid 4-0Standard Liege
Thu Apr 12 Standard Liege 0-2Real Madrid
Real Madrid beat Standard Liege 6-0 on aggregate
Final (at the Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam)
Wed May 2 Benfica 5-3Real Madrid
Two British sides - Linfield and Rangers - had ties against Vorwaerts of East Germany in the European Cup of 1961/62. Political problems at the time meant that no visas were issued to the East Berlin club and so they were unable to travel to Britain. The first legs in Berlin were played in both ties. Being unable to play the second leg at home Linfield withdrew from the competition while Rangers staged their 'home' tie at Malmo in Sweden.