2004/05  Results
First Qualifying Round
Wed Jul 14 Flora Tallinn2-4NK Gorica
Wed Jul 21 NK Gorica3-1Flora Tallinn
NK Gorica (Slovenia) beat Flora Tallinn (Estonia) 7-3 on aggregate
Wed Jul 14 Gomel0-2SK Tirana
Wed Jul 21 SK Tirana0-1Gomel
SK Tirana (Albania) beat Gomel (Belarus) 2-1 on aggregate
Wed Jul 14 KR Reykjavik2-2Shelbourne
Wed Jul 21 Shelbourne0-0KR Reykjavik
Shelbourne (Republic of Ireland) beat KR Reykjavik (Iceland) on the away goals rule
Wed Jul 14 Linfield0-1HJK Helsinki
Wed Jul 21 HJK Helsinki1-0Linfield
HJK Helsinki (Finland) beat Linfield (Northern Ireland) 2-0 on aggregate
Tue Jul 13 NK Siroki Brijeg2-1Neftchi Baku
Wed Jul 21 Neftchi Baku1-0NK Siroki Brijeg
Neftchi Baku (Azerbaijan) beat NK Siroki Brijeg (Bosnia Herzegovina) on the away goals rule
Tue Jul 13 Pobeda Prilep1-3Pyunik Yerevan
Wed Jul 21 Pyunik Yerevan1-1Pobeda Prilep
Pyunik Yerevan (Armenia) beat Pobeda Prilep (Macedonia) 4-2 on aggregate
Wed Jul 14 Serif Tiraspol2-0Jeunesse Esch
Wed Jul 21 Jeunesse Esch1-0Serif Tiraspol
Serif Tiraspol (Moldova) beat Jeunesse Esch (Luxembourg) 1-0 on aggregate 
Wed Jul 14 Skonto Riga4-0Rhyl
Wed Jul 21 Rhyl 1-3Skonto Riga
Skonto Riga (Latvia) beat Rhyl  (Wales) 7-1 on aggregate
Tue Jul 13 Sliema Wanderers 0-2FBK Kaunas
Wed Jul 21 FBK Kaunas4-1Sliema Wanderers
FBK Kaunas (Lithuania) beat Sliema Wanderers (Malta) 6-1 on aggregate
Wed Jul 14 WIT Georgia Tbilisi 5-0HB Torshavn
Wed Jul 21 HB Torshavn 3-0WIT Georgia Tbilisi
WIT Georgia Tbilisi (Georgia) beat HB Torshavn (Faeroe Islands) 5-3 on aggregate
Second Qualifying Round
Wed Jul 28 Apoel Nicosia 2-2Sparta Prague
Wed Aug 4 Sparta Prague 2-1Apoel Nicosia
Sparta Prague (Czech Republic) beat Apoel Nicosia (Cyprus) 4-3 on aggregate
Wed Jul 28 Bruges 2-0Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Wed Aug 4 Lokomotiv Plovdiv 0-4Bruges
Bruges (Belgium) beat Lokomotiv Plovdiv (Bulgaria) 6-0 on aggregate
Wed Jul 28 Djurgaardens 0-0FBK Kaunas
Wed Aug 4 FBK Kaunas 0-2 Djurgaardens
Djurgaardens (Sweden) beat FBK Kaunas (Lithuania) 6-0 on aggregate
Wed Jul 28 Hajduk Split 3-2Shelbourne
Wed Aug 4 Shelbourne 2-0Hajduk Split
Shelbourne (Republic of Ireland) beat Hajduk Split (Croatia) 4-3 on aggregate
Tue Jul 27 HJK Helsinki 0-0Maccabi Tel-Aviv
Wed Aug 4 Maccabi Tel-Aviv 1-0HJK Helsinki
Maccabi Tel-Aviv (Israel) beat HJK Helsinki (Finland) 1-0 on aggregate
Tue Jul 27 NK Gorica 1-2FC Copenhagen
Wed Aug 4 FC Copenhagen 0-5NK Gorica
NK Gorica (Slovenia) beat FC Copenhagen (Denmark) 6-2 on aggregate
Tue Jul 27 Neftchi Baku 0-0CSKA Moscow
Wed Aug 4 CSKA Moscow 2-0Neftchi Baku
CSKA Moscow (Russia) beat Neftchi Baku (Azerbaijan) 2-0 on aggregate
Tue Jul 27 Pyunik Yerevan 1-3Shakhtar Donetsk
Wed Aug 4 Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0Pyunik Yerevan
Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) beat Pyunik Yerevan (Armenia) 4-1 on aggregate
Wed Jul 28 Rosenborg 2-1Serif Tiraspol
Wed Aug 4 Serif Tiraspol 0-2Rosenborg
Rosenborg (Norway) beat Serif Tiraspol (Moldova) 4-1 on aggregate
Wed Jul 28 Skonto Riga 1-1Trabzonspor
Wed Aug 4 Trabzonspor 3-0Skonto Riga
Trabzonspor (Turkey) beat Skonto Riga (Latvia) 4-1 on aggregate
Tue Jul 27 SK Tirana 2-3Ferencvaros
Wed Aug 4 Ferencvaros 0-1SK Tirana
Ferencvaros (Hungary) beat SK Tirana (Albania) on the away goals rule
Tue Jul 27 WIT Georgia Tbilisi 2-8Wisla Krakow
Wed Aug 4 Wisla Krakow 3-0WIT Georgia Tbilisi
Wisla Krakow (Poland) beat WIT Georgia Tbilisi (Georgia) 11-2 on aggregate
Wed Jul 28 Young Boys 2-2Red Star Belgrade
Wed Aug 4 Red Star Belgrade 3-0Young Boys
Red Star Belgrade (Serbia-Montenegro) beat Young Boys (Switzerland) 5-2 on aggregate
Wed Jul 28 Zilina 0-1Dinamo Bucharest
Wed Aug 4 Dinamo Bucharest 1-0Zilina
Dinamo Bucharest (Rumania) beat Zilina (Slovakia) 2-0 on aggregate
Third Qualifying Round
Wed Aug 11 Basle 1-1Inter Milan
Tue Aug 24 Inter Milan 4-1Basle
Inter Milan (Italy) beat Basle (Switzerland) 5-2 on aggregate
Wed Aug 11 Bayer Leverkusen 5-0Banik Ostrava
Wed Aug 25 Banik Ostrava 2-1Bayer Leverkusen
Bayer Leverkusen (Germany) beat Banik Ostrava (Czech Republic) 6-2 on aggregate
Tue Aug 10 Benfica 1-0Anderlecht
Tue Aug 24 Anderlecht 3-0Benfica
Anderlecht (Belgium) beat Benfica (Portugal) 3-1 on aggregate
Tue Aug 10 CSKA Moscow 2-1Rangers
Wed Aug 25 Rangers 1-1CSKA Moscow
CSKA Moscow (Russia) beat Rangers (Scotland) 3-2 on aggregate
Wed Aug 11 Dinamo Bucharest 1-2Manchester United
Wed Aug 25 Manchester United 3-0Dinamo Bucharest
Manchester United (England) beat Dinamo Bucharest (Rumania) 5-1 on aggregate
Tue Aug 10 Dynamo Kiev 1-2Trabzonspor
Wed Aug 25 Trabzonspor 0-2Dynamo Kiev
Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine) beat Trabzonspor (Turkey) 3-2 on aggregate
Wed Aug 11 Ferencvaros 1-0Sparta Prague
Wed Aug 25 Sparta Prague 2-0Ferencvaros
Sparta Prague (Czech Republic) beat Ferencvaros (Hungary) 2-1 on aggregate
Tue Aug 10 Graz AK 0-2Liverpool
Tue Aug 24 Liverpool 0-1 Graz AK
Liverpool (England) beat Graz AK (Austria) 2-1 on aggregate
Tue Aug 10 Juventus 2-2Djurgaardens
Wed Aug 25 Djurgaardens 1-4Juventus
Juventus (Italy) beat Djurgaardens (Sweden) 6-3 on aggregate
Wed Aug 11 NK Gorica 0-3Monaco
Tue Aug 24 Monaco 6-0NK Gorica
Monaco (France) beat NK Gorica (Slovenia) 9-0 on aggregate
Tue Aug 10 PAOK Salonika 0-3Maccabi Tel Aviv
Wed Aug 25 Maccabi Tel Aviv 1-0PAOK Salonika
Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel) beat PAOK Salonika (Greece) 4-0 on aggregate
Wed Aug 11 Red Star Belgrade 3-2PSV Eindhoven
Wed Aug 25 PSV Eindhoven 5-0Red Star Belgrade
PSV Eindhoven (Holland) beat Red Star Belgrade (Serbia-Montenegro) 7-3 on aggregate
Wed Aug 11 Rosenborg 2-1Maccabi Haifa
Tue Aug 24 Maccabi Haifa 2-3Rosenborg
Rosenborg (Norway) beat Maccabi Haifa (Israel) 5-3 on aggregate
Wed Aug 11 Shakhtar Donetsk 4-1Bruges
Wed Aug 25 Bruges 2-2Shakhtar Donetsk
Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) beat Bruges (Belgium) 6-3 on aggregate
Wed Aug 11 Shelbourne 0-0Deportivo La Coruna
Tue Aug 24 Deportivo La Coruna 3-0Shelbourne
Deportivo La Coruna (Spain) beat Shelbourne (Republic of Ireland) 3-0 on aggregate
Wed Aug 11 Wisla Krakow 0-2Real Madrid
Wed Aug 25 Real Madrid 3-1Wisla Krakow
Real Madrid (Spain) beat Wisla Krakow (Poland) 5-1 on aggregate
The 16 Third Qualifying Round losers joined the UEFA Cup in the Round of the last 32. The 16 winners progressed to the Group stages of the Champions League together with the 16 clubs who automatically qualified -  Arsenal, Chelsea (England); Lyon, Paris St Germain (France); Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen (Germany); Olympiakos, Panathinaikos (Greece); Ajax (Holland); AC Milan, Roma (Italy), Porto (Portugal - holders); Celtic (Scotland);  Valencia, Barcelona (Spain), Fenerbahce (Turkey).
Group Stage
Group A
Deportivo La Coruna, Liverpool, Monaco, Olympiakos
Qualifiers - Liverpool & Monaco (Olympiakos to the UEFA Cup)
Results and Table

Group B
Bayer Leverkusen, Dynamo Kiev, Real Madrid, Roma
Qualifiers - Bayer Leverkusen  & Real Madrid (Dynamo Kiev to the UEFA Cup)

Results and Table

Group C
Ajax, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Maccabi Tel Aviv
Qualifiers - Bayern Munich & Juventus (Ajax to the UEFA Cup)
Results and Table

Group D
Fenerbahce, Lyon, Manchester United, Sparta Prague
Qualifiers - Lyon & Manchester United (Fenerbahce to the UEFA Cup)
Results and Table

Group E
Arsenal, Panathinaikos, PSV Eindhoven, Rosenborg
Qualifiers - Arsenal & PSV Eindhoven (Panathinaikos to the UEFA Cup)
Results and Table

Group F
Barcelona, Celtic, AC Milan, Shakhtar Donetsk
Qualifiers - Barcelona & AC Milan (Shakhtar Donetsk to the UEFA Cup)
Results and Table

Group G
Anderlecht, Inter Milan, Valencia, Werder Bremen
Qualifiers -  Inter Milan & Werder Bremen (Valencia  to the UEFA Cup)
Results and Table

Group H
Chelsea, CSKA Moscow, Paris St Germain, Porto
Qualifiers - Chelsea & Porto (CSKA Moscow to the UEFA Cup)
Results and Table

Round of last 16
Wed Feb 23 Barcelona 2-1Chelsea
Tue Mar 8 Chelsea 4-2Barcelona
Chelsea beat Barcelona 5-4 on aggregate
Tue Feb 22 Bayern Munich 3-1Arsenal
Wed Mar 9 Arsenal 1-0Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich beat Arsenal 3-2 on aggregate
Tue Feb 22 Liverpool 3-1Bayer Leverkusen
Wed Mar 9 Bayer Leverkusen 1-3Liverpool
Liverpool beat Bayer Leverkusen 6-2 on aggregate
Wed Feb 23 Manchester United 0-1AC Milan
Tue Mar 8 AC Milan 1-0Manchester United
AC Milan beat Manchester United 2-0 on aggregate
Wed Feb 23 Porto 1-1Inter Milan
Tue Mar 15 Inter Milan 3-1Porto
Inter Milan beat Porto 4-2 on aggregate
Tue Feb 22 PSV Eindhoven 1-0Monaco
Wed Mar 9 Monaco 0-2PSV Eindhoven
PSV Eindhoven beat Monaco 3-0 on aggregate
Tue Feb 22 Real Madrid 1-0Juventus
Wed Mar 9 Juventus 2-0Real Madrid
Juventus beat Real Madrid 2-1 on aggregate
Wed Feb 23 Werder Bremen 0-3Lyon
Tue Mar 8 Lyon 7-2Werder Bremen
Lyon beat Werder Bremen 10-2 on aggregate
Wed Apr 6 Chelsea 4-2Bayern Munich
Tue Apr 12 Bayern Munich 3-2Chelsea
Chelsea beat Bayern Munich 6-5 on aggregate
Tue Apr 5 Liverpool 2-1Juventus
Wed Apr 13 Juventus 0-0 Liverpool
Liverpool beat Juventus 2-1 on aggregate
Tue Apr 5 Lyon 1-1PSV Eindhoven
Wed Apr 13 PSV Eindhoven 1-1Lyon
PSV Eindhoven won 4-2 on penalties after finishing 2-2 on aggregate
Wed Apr 6 AC Milan 2-0Inter Milan
Tue Apr 12 Inter Milan 0-3


AC Milan
AC Milan won 5-0 on aggregate
Wed Apr 27 Chelsea 0-0Liverpool
Tue May 3 Liverpool 1-0Chelsea
Liverpool beat Chelsea 1-0 on aggregate
Tue Apr 26 AC Milan 2-0PSV Eindhoven
Wed May 4 PSV Eindhoven 3-1AC Milan
AC Milan beat PSV on the away goals after finishing 3-3 on aggregate
Final (at the Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul)
Wed May 25 Liverpool 3-3AC Milan
Liverpool beat AC Milan 3-2 on penalties

* The second leg of the Milan derby in the Quarter-Final of the Champions League was abandoned after 73 minutes because of crowd trouble. AC Milan were winning 1-0 when German ref Markus Merk disallowed a 'goal' by Inter's Esteban Cambiasso. Inter fans through flares on to the pitch, injuring AC Milan's goalkeeper Dida and forcing the players to the dressing-rooms. Twenty five minutes later an attempt was made to restart the match but it was abandoned when the crowd problems flared up again.

UEFA awarded the match to AC Milan by a 3-0 margin, Inter Milan were ordered to play their next six European home ties behind closed doors (the final two match punishment was suspended for 3 years) and were fined 300,000 Swiss Francs (about £132,000).


You can't say my team aren't winners. They've proved that by finishing fourth, third and second in the past three seasons."
Gerard Houllier, showing that Liverpool weren’t winners!

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