ARSENAL    1969/70
      Fairs Cup

Arsenal qualified for the Fairs Cup by League position having finished fourth in the First Division in 1968/69.   

1st Round 
1st Leg Tue Sep 9 Glentoran (Northern Ireland) Home Won 3-0
2nd Leg Mon Sep 29 Glentoran Away Lost 0-1
Won 3-1 on aggregate.
2nd Round 
1st Leg Wed Oct 29 Sporting Lisbon (Porugal) Away Drew 0-0
2nd Leg Wed Nov 26 Sporting Lisbon Home Won 3-0
Won 3-0 on aggregate. 
3rd Round 
1st Leg Wed Dec 17 Rouen (France) Away Drew 0-0
2nd Leg Tue Jan 13 Rouen Home Won 1-0
Won 1-0 on aggregate. 
4th Round 
1st Leg Wed Mar 11 Dinamo Bacau (Rumania) Away Won 2-0
2nd Leg Wed Mar 18 Dinamo Bacau Home Won 7-1
Won 9-1 on aggregate. 
1st Leg Wed Apr 8 Ajax (Holland) Home Won 3-0
2nd Leg Wed Apr 15 Ajax Away Lost 0-1
Won 3-1 on aggregate. 
1st Leg Wed Apr 22 Anderlecht (Belgium) Away Lost 1-3
2nd Leg Tue Apr 28 Anderlecht Home Won 3-0
Won 4-3 on aggregate.