F.A. Cup
                                                   1889/90  Results
* denotes non-league club

None of the Football League sides played in the Qualifying Rounds.

First Round
Sat Jan 18 Accrington3-1West Bromwich Albion Note 1
Sat Jan 25 Accrington 3-0

West Bromwich Albion

Sat Jan 18 Birmingham St George's* 4-4 Notts County
Sat Jan 25 Notts County 6-2

Birmingham St George's*

Sat Jan 18 Blackburn Rovers4-2Sunderland*
Sat Jan 18 Bolton Wanderers 10-2Belfast Distillery*
Sat Jan 18 Bootle*


-3Sunderland Albion*  Note 2
Sat Jan 18 Derby Midland* 3-0Nottingham Forest*
Sat Jan 18 Everton 11-2Derby County
Sat Jan 18 Lincoln City* 2-0Chester*
Sat Jan 18 Newcastle West End* 1-2Grimsby Town*
Sat Jan 18 Preston North End (holders) 6-1Newton Heath*
Sat Jan 18 Sheffield United* 2-1Burnley
Sat Jan 18 Sheffield Wednesday* 6-1Swifts*
Sat Jan 18 Small Heath* 3-1Clapton*
Sat Jan 18 South Shore* 2-4Aston Villa
Sat Jan 18 Stoke 3-0Old Westminsters*
Sat Jan 18 Wolverhampton Wanderers2-0Old Carthusians*
Second Round
Sat Feb 1 Blackburn Rovers3-0Grimsby Town*
Sat Feb 1 Bolton Wanderers13-0Sheffield United*
Sat Feb 1 Bootle* 2-1Derby Midland*
Sat Feb 1 Notts County 4-1Aston Villa
Sat Feb 1 Preston North End (holders) 4-0Lincoln City*
Sat Feb 1 Sheffield Wednesday* 2-1Accrington
Sat Feb  1 Stoke 4-2Everton
Sat Feb 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers2-1Small Heath*
Third Round
Sat Feb 15 Bootle0-7Blackburn Rovers
Sat Feb 15 Preston North End (holders) 2-3Bolton Wanderers
Sat Feb 15 Sheffield Wednesday* 5-0Notts County  Note 3
Sat Feb 22 Sheffield Wednesday* 2-3

Notts County Note 3

Mon Mar 3 Notts County1-2

Sheffield Wednesday*  Note 3

Sat Feb 15 Wolverhampton Wanderers4-0Stoke  Note 4
Sat Feb 22 Wolverhampton W.8-0


Sat Mar 8 Blackburn Rovers 1-0Wolverhampton Wanderers
Played at the Racecourse Ground, Derby
Sat Mar  8 Sheffield Wednesday* 2-1Bolton Wanderers
Played at Perry Barr, Aston Villa FC


Final (at the Oval)
Sat Mar 29 Blackburn Rovers6-1Sheffield Wednesday

Note 1
West Bromwich Albion protested at the state of the Accrington pitch. The match was ordered to be replayed, at Accrington the week after the original match.

Note 2
Sunderland Albion were disqualified from the competition, Bootle progressed to the Second Round.

Note 3
Sheffield Wednesday defeated Notts County 5-0 at Olive Grove on February 15th in atrocious weather conditions, rain and snow falling before and during the match. County protested about the weather conditions and the state of the pitch and the match was ordered to be replayed at the same venue a week after the original fixture. This match Notts County won 3-2 but Wednesday protested that Notts County had included three ineligible players in their team. That protest was also upheld and a third match was ordered to be played. Wednesday won that match, played at the Derby Racecourse ground, by a 2-1 margin.

Note 4
After a Stoke protest about the pitch the match was ordered to be replayed.




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