F.A. Cup
                                                   1894/95  Results
* denotes non-league club
First Round
Sat Feb 2 Aston Villa2-1Derby County
Sat Feb 2 Barnsley St Peter's*1-2Liverpool   (see note)
Mon Feb 11 Liverpool 4-0

Barnsley St Peter's*

Sat Feb 2 Bolton Wanderers 1-0Woolwich Arsenal
Sat Feb 2 Burton Wanderers 1-2Blackburn Rovers
Sat Feb 2 Bury 4-1Leicester Fosse
Sat Feb 2 Darwen0-0Wolverhampton Wanderers
Wed Feb 6 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0


Sat Feb 2 Luton Town* 0-2Preston North End
Sat Feb 2 Middlesbrough* 4-0Chesterfield*
Sat Feb 2 Newcastle United 2-1Burnley
Sat Feb 2 Newton Heath2-3Stoke
Sat Feb 2 Sheffield United 3-1Millwall Athletic*
Sat Feb 2 Sheffield Wednesday5-1Notts County (holders)
Sat Feb 2 Small Heath1-2West Bromwich Albion
Sat Feb 2 Southampton St Mary's* 1-4Nottingham Forest
Sat Feb 2 Southport* 0-3Everton
Sat Feb 2 Sunderland11-1Fairfield*
Second Round
Sat Feb 16 Aston Villa7-1Newcastle United
Sat Feb 16 Bolton Wanderers1-0Bury
Sat Feb 16 Everton1-1Blackburn Rovers
Wed Feb 20 Blackburn Rovers 2-3


Sat Feb 16 Liverpool 0-2Nottingham Forest
Sat Feb 16 Sheffield United 1-1West Bromwich Albion
Wed Feb 20 West Bromwich Albion 2-1

Sheffield United

Sat Feb 16 Sheffield Wednesday 6-1Middlesbrough*
Sat Feb 16 Sunderland2-0Preston North End
Sat Feb 16 Wolverhampton Wanderers2-0Stoke
Third Round
Sat Mar 2 Aston Villa 6-2Nottingham Forest
Sat Mar 2 Sheffield Wednesday 2-0Everton
Sat Mar 2 Sunderland 2-1Bolton Wanderers
Sat Mar 2 West Bromwich Albion1-0Wolverhampton Wanderers
Sat Mar 16 Aston Villa2-1Sunderland
(played at Ewood Park, Blackburn Rovers FC)
Sat Mar 16 West Bromwich Albion2-0Sheffield Wednesday
(played at the Derbyshire Cricket Ground, Derby)


Final (played at Crystal Palace, London)
Sat Apr 20 Aston Villa1-0West Bromwich Albion

Note: At the time Rule 17 stated that extra time would be played in FA Cup ties if the scores were level at the end of 90 minutes and if both clubs mutually consented to the extra time being played. The score was 1-1 at the end of 90 minutes play in the Barnsley St Peter's v Liverpool tie and the referee ordered that extra time be played despite the fact that Barnsley did not want to play extra time. Barnsley protested to the referee prior to the extra time and to the Football Association after the match. The FA ordered that the result at the end of 90 minutes should stand (1-1) and therefore that the match should be replayed at Liverpool.


Did You Know.....
...The programme with the most unlikely opponents on the cover - try Rushden Salvation Army v Juventus. Yes, the match really took place.

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