F.A. Cup
                                                   1900/01  Results
* denotes non-league club
First Round
Sat Feb 9 Aston Villa5-0Millwall*
Sat Feb 9 Bolton Wanderers1-0Derby County
Sat Feb 9 Kettering* 1-1Chesterfield Town
Wed Feb 13 Chesterfield Town 1-2


Sat Feb 9 Middlesbrough 3-1Newcastle United
Sat Feb 9 Newton Heath0-0Burnley
Wed Feb 13 Burnley 7-1

Newton Heath

Sat Feb 9 Nottingham Forest 5-1Leicester Fosse
Sat Feb 9 Notts County 2-0Liverpool
Sat Feb 9 Reading* 2-0Bristol Rovers*
Sat Feb 9 Sheffield Wednesday0-1Bury (holders)
Sat Feb 9 Southampton* 1-3Everton
Sat Feb 9 Stoke 1-1Small Heath
Wed Feb 13 Small Heath 2-1


Sat Feb 9 Sunderland1-2Sheffield United
Sat Feb 9 Tottenham Hotspur* 1-1Preston North End
Wed Feb 13 Preston North End 2-4

Tottenham Hotspur*

Sat Feb 9 West Bromwich Albion1-0Manchester City
Sat Feb 9 Wolverhampton Wanderers 5-1New Brighton Tower
Sat Feb 9 Woolwich Arsenal 2-0Blackburn Rovers
Second Round
Sat Feb 23 Aston Villa0-0Nottingham Forest
Wed Feb 27 Nottingham Forest 1-3

Aston Villa

Sat Feb 23 Bolton Wanderers0-1Reading*
Sat Feb 23 Middlesbrough5-0Kettering*
Sat Feb 23 Notts County 2-3Wolverhampton Wanderers
Sat Feb 23 Sheffield United 2-0Everton
Sat Feb 23 Small Heath1-0Burnley
Sat Feb 23 Tottenham Hotspur*2-1Bury (holders)
Sat Feb 23 Woolwich Arsenal0-1West Bromwich Albion
Third Round
Sat Mar 23 Middlesbrough 0-1West Bromwich Albion
Sat Mar 23 Reading 1-1Tottenham Hotspur*
Thu Mar 28 Tottenham Hotspur* 3-0


Sat Mar 23 Small Heath 0-0Aston Villa
Wed Mar 27 Aston Villa 1-0

Small Heath

Sat Mar 23 Wolverhampton Wanderers0-4Sheffield United
Sat Apr 6 Sheffield United2-2Aston Villa
(played at the City Ground, Nottingham Forest FC)
Thu Apr 11 Sheffield United 3-0

Aston Villa

(played at the Baseball Ground, Derby County FC)
Mon Apr 8 Tottenham Hotspur* 4-0West Bromwich Albion
(played at Villa Park, Aston Villa FC)


Final (played at Crystal Palace, London)
Sat Apr 20 Tottenham Hotspur* 2-2Sheffield United
Final Replay (played at Burnden Park, Bolton Wanderers FC)
Sat Apr 27 Tottenham Hotspur* 3-1Sheffield United



"For those of you watching in black and white, 
Spurs are in the all-yellow strip"

John Motson with a golden oldie.

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