Quiz 30 - Sporting Adverts - Answers

So how do you think you did..... 

10 correct
Perfect - so how many hours a day do you watch TV?

7, 8 or 9 correct
Yes, the adverts are often better than the sport!

4, 5 or 6 correct
A good attempt.

1, 2 or 3 correct
You obviously get out a bit.

0 correct
You obviously go out a lot - or flick through the channels at a break!




Well it would have been an easy one back in 2013 but memories fade! Back then he was a retired footballer - but a well-known one - advertising Kronenbourg  lager on our TV screens. Who?
Eric Cantona


The advice to sporting superstars Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jenson Button and Rory McIlroy must surely have been 'don't give up your day jobs' after they had appeared together advertising which bank?



Back in the 1970s Kevin Keegan and Henry Cooper got hot and sweaty together advertising which product?



What one player did in a match in January 2013 saw one of the clever Specsavers ads hit the newspapers. Who was the player they were suggesting should have visited them for a sight test?
Chelsea's Eden Hazard who had been sent off for 'fouling' a Swansea ball boy in an attempt to get the ball off him - details.


The Coles in happier times. Back in 2006 - pre-marriage - the international superstar and the Chelsea footballer got together to advertise what?

The National Lottery


Long before David Beckham came on the scene who was the original Brylcreem footballer?

Former Fulham and England footballer Johnny Haynes


Players are now bill-boards for the businesses that sponsor clubs.  At the start of the 2013/14 season Newcastle United's new sponsor was a controversial one with one of their pla
yers,  Papiss Cissé, initially refusing to wear a club shirt with the logo of the new sponsor on it.  Who were those sponsors?
Payday loan company Wonga


In one of the most famous footballing ads of them all came a piece of classic coaching advice. If you didn't drink all your milk you would end up playing for which club?

Accrington Stanley - the ad


Kevin Keegan did his bit for road safety when, as probably most famous footballer in the country at the time, he publicised a code to help kids cross the road safely. What was the name of that code?

The Green Cross Code - and you can still buy retro copies of that T-shirt!


Peter Crouch, serial switcher, hit the TV screens in 2019 although the switcher bit was more to do with the ad than the number of football clubs he had played for. It was an ad for which business?
Carphone Warehouse


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Brothers have often played together for the same country but at the 2010 World Cup Finals in South Africa and again at the 2014 finals in Brazil two brothers played in the same match - but for opposing sides. Kevin-Prince Boateng played for Ghana and was up against his brother Jerome Boateng who was playing for which country?

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