Well, the collection of local photos has grown after 
countless lockdown walks. 

Ten of those pictures are printed below.

Most were taken recently - but a few are older - and all are
within 20 miles or so of Peterborough city centre.

Each picture has a question relating to it - 
so let's test your knowledge of the local area.

Best of luck.

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Photo 1

This Peterborough building has a blue plaque on it marking the fact that
it was once the local headquarters of which company?


Photo 2

A picture of St Leonard's Priory which is situated in which
local town?


Photo 3

Sadly another ex-pub in Peterborough - what was
the name of the pub?


Photo 4

The main entrance to what was once a major factory in
Peterborough - which company?

Photo 5

If you were going to take a look at this windmill in Peterborough would you 
find it just off Eye Road, Farcet Road, Lincoln Road, Oundle Road or
Whittlesey Road



Photo 6

Barnwell Station - well ex-station - near Oundle had a bit of
national fame once when which famous company
used it as a location to advertise its products on TV.


Photo 7

An impressive building in which local village?


Photo 8

Which river flows under this bridge?

Photo 9

A scene in which local town?

Photo 10

Name the factory which dominates the skyline in a local village.


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