Quiz 33 - Celebrity Supporters 

Many of the famous names in the world outside of football have an interest in and love of the game of football. In this quiz let's test your knowledge of the association that celebrities have with football.

 As normal a mixture of easy and tough questions 
with the traditional pass mark of 5 out of 10.

So will you pass or fail?

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Long before he became Prime Minister Gordon Brown was a programme-seller for his local Scottish League side - which was....?


Long-term officials have included comedian Tommy Trinder (chairman) and broadcaster 'Diddy' David Hamilton (PA announcer) and their supporters include Hugh Grant and Lily Allen. Which club? 


Robbie Williams once had his photo on the front page of the programme of the club he has supported all his life and has had a major shareholding in. Which club?


A life-long supporter of Birmingham City this comedian was once a director of the club and his comedy sketches often include the club - perhaps the best known is of a visit to Old Trafford. Who?


Former Labour leader Michael Foot supported his home-town team all his life even having a club scarf drape his coffin at his funeral. Which club?



In 2008 - presumably when he was plugging a film - Tom Hanks declared his support for a famous English club saying that their 'name is so sweet, it sounds like a lovely spa'. In later years in an interview Jonathan Ross asked him who their manager was. '“I have no idea... Sparky O’Rourke?' Hanks replied. Which club?


Delia - which club?


We are all cynics as far as politicians are concerned. A front cover of When Saturday Comes (pictured right) in 1992 had David Mellor saying to John Major 'Do you come here often?' with the reply 'Only in election year'. But to be fair to the politicians (I never thought I would ever say that!) they were both genuine supporters of which club?


Another politician one. In the run up to the 2015 general election which leading politician said that he wished everyone would support West Ham as he did - and then he remembered he supported Aston Villa! He blamed 'brain fade' for the mistake but we all know politicians don't have a brain to fade!


His hits include Bennie and the Jets, Little Jeannie and Don't Go Breaking My Heart and he has been chairman of the League club he supports. Who?

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