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So are you are smart arse or duffer when it comes
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!n true Mastermind fashion there are
two levels of difficulty - the easier general football and sport quizzes and the more difficult specialised subjects.

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Quiz 066 Anagrams - Premier Managers Quiz Arsenal
Quiz 065 Sporting Adverts Quiz Barry Fry
Quiz 064 General Football Quiz Chelsea
Quiz 063 General Sport Quiz European Cup, Champions
Quiz 062 General Football       League Finals
Quiz 061 General Sport Quiz Euro 2012
Quiz 060 International Football Quiz Fulham
Quiz 059 General Football Quiz Liverpool
Quiz 058 Managers Quiz Manchester United (1)
Quiz 057 General Football Quiz Manchester United (2)
Quiz 056 Streakers & Mooners Quiz Motor Sport
Quiz 055 General Sport Quiz Muhammad Ali
Quiz 054 General Football Quiz Olympic Games 2004
Quiz 053 General Football Quiz Olympic Games 2012 (1)
Quiz 052 General Football Quiz Olympic Games 2012 (2)
Quiz 051 Managers Quiz Olympics/Paralympics 2012
Quiz 050 Sporting Misdemeanours Quiz Peterborough United (1)
Quiz 049 General Football Quiz Peterborough United (2)
Quiz 048 Football on the Box Quiz Season 2014/15
Quiz 047 General Sport Quiz Sporting Year 2012 (1)
Quiz 046 General Football Quiz Sporting Year 2012 (2)
Quiz 045 Celebrity Supporters Quiz Sporting Year 2014
Quiz 044 General Football Quiz World Cup 2006
Quiz 043 World Cup Quiz World Cup 2010
Quiz 042 Sporting Family Connections Quiz World Cup 2014 England squad
Quiz 041 Managers    
Quiz 040 General Football    
Quiz 039 General Football    
Quiz 038 General Football    
Quiz 037 General Football    
Quiz 036 General Sport    
Quiz 035 General Football    
Quiz 034 Sporting Cities    
Quiz 033 General Football    
Quiz 032 General Football    
Quiz 031 General Sport    
Quiz 030 World Cup    
Quiz 029 General Sport    
Quiz 028 Wordsearch - England Internationals    
Quiz 027 General Football    
Quiz 026 General Football    
Quiz 025 General Football    
Quiz 024 General Sport    
Quiz 023 Sporting Films    
Quiz 022 General Football    
Quiz 021 Wordsearch - Olympics    
Quiz 020 General Football    
Quiz 019 World Cup    
Quiz 018 General Football    
Quiz 017 General Football    
Quiz 016 General Sport    
Quiz 015 Football - Who Are They?    
Quiz 014 General Football    
Quiz 013 General Football    
Quiz 012 Wordsearch - Football clubs    
Quiz 011 Olympic Games    
Quiz 010 General Football    
Quiz 009 General Football    
Quiz 008 Pen Pictures (lower divisions)    
Quiz 007 Pen Pictures (Premier League)    
Quiz 006 General Football    
Quiz 005 General Sport    
Quiz 004 General Football    
Quiz 003 General Football    
Quiz 002 General Football    
Quiz 001 General Football    
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Colemanballs: The art of letting the words come out before the brain is engaged, made famous by David Coleman but with very able disciples in Kevin Keegan, Bobby Robson, Ron Atkinson, Terry fact it seems endemic amongst the football fraternity.
1 General Football & David Coleman himself
2 General Football & 'Keeganballs'
3 General Football & What Did Footballers Learn at Skool?
4 General Football & Bobby Robson
5 General Football & Other Sports
6 General Football & The Anatomy of a Footballer
7 General Football & Some 'literal' sayings!
8 General Football & Murray Walker
9 General Football & Goals and the simple things
10 General Football & Cricket
11 General Football & More Other Sports
12 General Football & The Real World

Football has a million and one stories and just as many facts and figures. Here are a few of them - the record-breaking, unusual and bizarre.

1 Abandoned matches
2 Clubs scoring 10 or more in Cup and Friendly matches
3 Famous footballing injuries
4 Clubs scoring 10 or more in a League match
5 Penalties and Penalty Shoot-outs
6 Centuries of League goals scored in a season
7 Centuries of League goals conceded in a season
8 Hat-tricks
9 It's never over until the fat lady sings...
10 This and That
11 Debuts
12 The FA Cup
13 Whoops...
14 Goals and their goalscorers
15 Referees
16 Christmas Day football
17 Record goals in one day
18 Those were the days...
19 Memorabilia
20 Crime & Punishment
21 Football in the Media
22 Football and Cricket
23 Pitches, and what they have had to put up with
24 The Football Programme Miscellany
25 Postponed Matches
26   Floodlights
27 More This and That
28   Own goals
29   Points deductions, demotions and expulsions
30   Past Pictures of the Week


1 Football Writers' Association  Footballer of the Year
2   Professional Footballers Association  Player of the Year
3   France Football  European Footballer of the Year
4   FIFA Ballon d'Or  World Player of the Year
5   The Alan Hardaker Trophy League Cup 'Man of the Match'
6   BBC  Sports Personality of the Year
7   BBC  Sports Personality of the Year Team Award
8 BBC  Overseas Sports Personality of the Year Award