Quiz 53 - World Cup

Back to the World Cup for this quiz.
You won't get question 9 right but 7,8 or 9 right
would be brilliant.
And 5 is still the pass mark!

So let's see if you are going to be a World Cup winner....

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Diego Maradona scored his 'Hand of God' goal against England at the 1986 World Cup finals. Who was the England goalkeeper who conceded the goal?


At the 2014 World Cup finals one match finished with a 7-1 scoreline - who were the two countries involved?


Name the person, pictured alongside, who managed Scotland at the 1978 World Cup finals.


In 1986 which British player was top goalscorer at the World Cup finals?



Which one of the following three statements is false?

Northern Ireland qualified for the World Cup finals in 1958 but withdrew because they were expected to play on a Sunday!

India qualified for the World Cup finals in 1950 but withdrew giving the reason they were not being allowed to play in the competition in bare feet.

Scotland qualified for the World Cup finals in 1950 but withdrew because they finished second in their qualifying group after having said they would only go if they finished top of the group!



Which country beat England twice at the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia?


Name the mascot, pictured right, that was used at the 1994 World Cup finals in the USA.

8. Who was the 'Black Pearl' who was the leading goalscorer at the 1966 World Cup finals in England?



What was the proper name (so not the bloody nuisance!) of the horn that we all constantly heard at the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa?


The 1986 World Cup finals were played in Mexico but which country had originally been awarded the tournament before dropping out because of financial difficulties?

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Did You Know.....
Forget the bowling green surface of the Theatre of Dreams one of Manchester United's previous grounds had a surface which was often little more than sand and mud. In one Second Division match in 1895 - when they were still Newton Heath - they beat Walsall 14-0 but the pitch was so bad they were ordered to replay it.
They only won the replayed match 9-0!
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