Quiz 61 - Chelsea

Over to Stamford Bridge for this quiz. 
Ten questions about Chelsea over the years.
My feeling is that you might find this quiz easier than most...
what do you think?

Best of Luck.

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A £50m purchase from Liverpool in 2011 - a Chelsea record at the time - the striker took 732 minutes of football before he scored his first goal for Chelsea. Who?


Who managed Chelsea when they won the League championship for the first time, in 1954/55?


The publication alongside was a tribute to which Chelsea player in his testimonial year of 1963?


In November 1945 a crowd estimated at 100,000 or more was at Stamford Bridge to witness a friendly between Chelsea and which foreign opposition?


A 1-0 Premier League defeat at WBA in March 2012 proved to be the last match as Chelsea manager for who?


Chelsea's 2012 Champions League final victory over Bayern Munich was played at which ground?



Former Blues player Anderson Luis de Souza was signed from Barcelona in 2008 - he was better known by what name?


Back in the 1990s when Glenn Hoddle was at Stamford Bridge, both as a player and manager, he appeared on TV with his family advertising what


In 2019 Frank Lampard left which club to take over as manager of Chelsea?


In which country was former player Roberto Di Matteo born?


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Who is the only person to have played first-class County cricket and won a World Cup winners medal at football?  

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