Quiz 44 - General Football

Because I know the answers its always difficult to know if the questions are on the more difficult side or a bit easy.
 I think that these are a tad more difficult than normal so a pass make of 4 out of ten this time.

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Who is the only one of the following players to be born in the country he has made full international appearances for - John Aldridge, Terry Butcher, Ryan Giggs, Mark Lawrenson, Bob Wilson? 


When Jermain Defoe moved from West Ham to Tottenham in January 2004 it was for a fee of about £7 million and a Spurs player. Who was the player who moved from Spurs to West Ham?


Who is pictured alongside?


Who are the 'Addicks'?


He moved from Southampton to Liverpool in January 2018 with the reported £75m fee making him, at the time, the world's most expensive defender. Who?



When at Nottingham Forest Brian Clough signed this player from Millwall in July 1991 the first conversation between the two was reported as going along the lines of - Clough: 'So you are Edward'. Player: 'Yes, but I prefer to be called ??'. Clough: 'OK, Edward' and he walked off. Name the player. 


The ground had not long celebrated its centenary when in 2008 the League club who had played there moved to a new ground. Name the ground pictured right. (2003 photo)


The first proper job comedian Peter Kay had was for a company which made tissue products, mainly toilet rolls. Which former Manchester City and England player owned that company at the time?


Between the 1986/87 and 2007/08 season these two clubs were drawn to play each other in six FA Cup and League Cup ties. Those matches were in the semi-finals of the Carling Cup in 2007/08 and 2006/07, the semi-finals of the FA Cup in 2000/01, 1992/93 and 1990/91 and the semi-final of the Littlewoods Cup in 1986/87. Which two clubs?


In September 2005 which English club made their debut in European competition with a UEFA Cup tie against Bulgarians Lokomotiv Plovdiv? 


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What was the thing that Millwall's Jon Moore did to be voted Nottingham Forest's 'Player of the Year' for 1976/77?

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