Quiz 68 - General Football 

Another selection of 10 football questions.

Ok the questions are a challenge but I also hope they will
help increase your knowledge of the great game of football.

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On Christmas Day 1957 a young Jimmy Greaves hit 4 League goals for the first time. It was against Portsmouth in a 7-4 victory when playing for which club?


A TV comedy first appeared on BBC's Comedy Playhouse in 1965 featuring the Ramsey family with one of the main characters being Alf Ramsey. It became a popular and long-running series with the first episode of the series being aired in 1966 just before the World Cup finals but by then - to avoid confusion with England's manager Alf Ramsey - the surname of the family had been changed. To what?


The ground pictured on the right saw Ipswich and Wolves as League visitors shortly after this 2005 photo was taken. Which ground?


Football clubs changing their historical colours is a rare event - which Championship side started the 2012/13 season playing in red after a century or more playing in blue?


Tim Sherwood was sacked as Aston Villa manager in October 2015. Name the Frenchman who followed him in the Villa Park hot-seat.


With which club do you associate the song 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles'?


Name the former Dutch international, pictured right, who was once a Barnet player.


Name the Australian construction company who were in charge of building the new Wembley Stadium.


In March 1998 Thierry Henry was a player in which side that knocked Manchester United out of the Champions League at the quarter-final stage? 


If you were in Scotland watching The Pars play at Love Street which match would you be at?

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