Quiz 67

....there was more to the Olympics than just the 
running and jumping!

All major sporting events have a lot more 
going on around them than just the sport being played.
That was very much the case at the 2012 London Olympics -
how much do you remember about the other things that made
 the event so amazingly special.
Ten questions to test that memory.....

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It was back in April 2011 when we were able to apply for Games tickets believing we might actually get some. Back then the cheapest standard Olympic opening ceremony tickets were £20.12 each. How much were the most expensive?


In what way was Lakshmi Mittal connected to the Olympic project?



At that time nearly every advert seemed to have a Games theme. One showed the picture of someone who was going to compete in London (but didn't because of injury) as a youngster. Who (pictured right)?


Name the company who failed to employ enough security staff for the Olympics?


Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) showed his musical prowess at the Olympic opening ceremony when playing just a single note on a keyboard while the London Symphony Orchestra were playing what tune?



What part did Monty, Willow and Holly do at the Olympics?


Name either of the 2012 Olympic mascots.


At the Olympic closing ceremony the Spice Girls stood a little precariously on top of what form of transport?


Well, if you rushed out and bought a stamp from the Post Office commemorating Andy Murray's gold medal in the tennis how much would it have cost you?


These minis reputedly travelled about four miles a day doing what in the Olympic Stadium?


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