Quiz 22 - General Football

So you think that you know a thing or two about football - test your knowledge with this Quiz.

Some of the questions are easy, some difficult but overall I would give it a pass mark of 5 out of 10.

So will you end up as a smart arse or duffer?
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For which club did Kevin Hector make a club record 486 Football League appearances for?


In December 2019 Liverpool beat Flamengo to win the Club World Cup for the first time. Who did Liverpool beat in the semis of the competition?


Who is pictured alongside - he was a Scottish international best known for his playing days at Ipswich Town?


In October 2011 Sven-Göran Eriksson was sacked as manager of which Football League club after a little over a year in the job?


Which former Football League ground was so close to the M32 motorway that cars were often stopped on the hard-shoulder to allow the occupants a free view of a match?



In metres, how far is the penalty spot from the goal-line (at its closest point)?


Which ground is pictured alongside
(2006 photo)?


On a Saturday in September 2011 this club had a 3-1 home League 1 victory over Bournemouth. They then jetted off to Turin to provide the opposition on Thursday to Juventus in the first match at that clubs' new ground, drawing 1-1 with the Italian giants. Two days after that match they were back on their own ground, beating Walsall 2-1 in another League 1 fixture. Name the club.


Name the former English international player known as The Guv'nor.


Alan Shearer won one League Championship winners medal - when playing for which club?

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