Quiz 60 - Football on the Box

Your chance to test your knowledge of football on the television.
No, its not all about Match of the Day but more about 
football in general on the box

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After a successful period as pundits for the On the Ball section of ITV's World of Sport which two ex-international footballers combined their talents to present a sports show (mainly football) which ran on ITV from 1985 to 1992?


The highest British TV audience for a football match was not surprisingly the 1966 World Cup final but which 1970 match (not played at Wembley) had the highest viewing figures for a meeting of two English club sides?


You probably won't recognise the face of Len Martin but from 1958 to his death in 1995 the Australian
was an important part of the BBC Grandstand programme on Saturday afternoons. Doing what?




Alf Garnett was a character in the BBC comedy Till Death Us Do Part - which football club did he support in that programme?


In October 2010 the sixth series of which TV programme started that brought together for the first time the former chairman of Spurs and the former MD of Birmingham City?


Which Ian Rankin detective who supported Hibs was played on TV by Ken Stott, a Hearts supporter?


Which long-time presenter of the Grandstand sports programme and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show  is pictured alongside.


An article in the Sun in May 1996 saw Nottingham Forest striker Jason Lee accuse two people of wrecking his career by poking fun at him in which TV programme?


Who hosted A Question of Sport from 1979 to 1997 when Sue Barker took over the job?


Also in A Question of Sport which ex-international footballer was a team captain from 1996 to 2007?



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Did You Know.....

So, what wouldn't you make freely available to an alcoholic ex-footballer about to appear in a chat show on live national television?
Guess what George Best was given?

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