Quiz 41 - Olympic Games

  I think that when it comes to television coverage and column inches in papers the Olympics - really I guess the Summer Olympics - has to be the world's most popular sporting event.

  I guess thousands of questions could be asked about the Olympics - see how you get on with these few...

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Who carried the Union Flag at the opening ceremonies at both the 1992 and 1996 games?  


Great Britain won one gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City - a women's team event in which sport?


Who is the famous Olympian pictured alongside?


Name either of the members of Britain's gold winning 2 man bobsleigh team at the 1964 Winter Olympics.


Name the Irishman who was President of the International Olympic Committee between 1972 and 1980.



One of the following three statements is false - which one?

a) The Olympic flame has been a important part of the Olympics since the modern games started in 1896. It symbolises the endeavour for perfection and struggle for victory. 

b) The 1956 games were held in Melbourne, Australia except for the equestrian events which were held in Sweden.

) At the 1968 Mexico Olympics the longest race run by women was 800 metres.


Who (pictured right) won Skeleton gold for GB at both the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics?


The Val Barker Cup is awarded to the competitor at the Summer Olympics who shows the best style and technique - in which sporting competition?


The 2018 Winter Olympics were held in which country?


Who was Tim Henman's partner when Britain won a tennis silver medal in the mens doubles at the 1996 Olympics?


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Earls Park FC - nicknamed the Sparks - was a fictional club in which football-based soap opera broadcast on ITV between 2002 and 2006?

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