Quiz 78 - Misdemeanors of Sportsmen

Like the rest of us our sporting heroes can get things
wrong but unlike us when they are found out it
usually makes front page news.

So how much of those front pages can you remember -
as nearly always the pass mark is 5 out of 10.

Best of luck.

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During the 1991 England cricket tour of Australia David Gower and John Morris were each fined £1000 for an incident during a match against Queensland. What did they do?


In 2010 Welsh Rugby Union international Andy Powell was fined and banned from driving for 15 months when caught driving along the hard shoulder of the M4 while over the limit after celebrating a 6 Nations victory over Scotland. What was he driving?


Name the pictured British athlete who won Olympic and World Championship golds after having served a one year suspension for missing three out-of-competition drug tests?


In 1987 a retired jockey who had over 4000 winners in his career was jailed for three years (he served a year) for tax evasion. Who?


After an incident at Selhurst Park on 25th January 1995 which footballer received an 8 month playing ban and narrowly escaped a prison sentence?



Sadly most of the headlines concerning England at the 2011 Rugby Union World Cup concerned off-the-field activities rather than their playing achievements. Which England player received a police warning for disorderly behaviour when he jumped off a ferry in Auckland harbour?


The pictured Spanish cyclist originally won the 2010 Tour de France but was stripped of the victory as a result of a failed drugs test. Name him.



In February 2012 after being beaten by Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko in a WBC title clash Dereck Chisora was arrested when involved in a brawl with which other British boxer at a press conference in Germany?


OJ Simpson was well known in the United States for playing sport but gained a worldwide audience in 1995 when he was tried - and found not guilty - of a double murder. What was his sport?


Back in January 2014 which Manchester United and England footballer found himself on the front page of the Sun newspaper after attending a party dressed as a suicide bomber?

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