Quiz 56 - Leeds United

  It's all Leeds United in this quiz. 
I had thought about limiting this quiz to 
'Leeds United Managers' 
but given the number of managers the club has had over 
the years I just thought nobody could possible remember that much!

Best of luck with the questions I have come up with....

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In the 1992 Charity Shield who scored a Wembley hat-trick for Leeds in their 4-3 victory over Liverpool?


In January 2020 a Sunday newspaper printed a question and answer article with an ex player who was part of the BBC commentary team for the Man City v Fulham FA Cup tie that day. In response to the headline 'Where it all Began....' his printed reply was 'I was at Leeds United as a kid but never got signed. I was a striker, small and skinny but used to score lots of goals and Oldham Athletic picked me up. Everything came too easily until it got more physical. I met a coach called Pete Lowe at Oldham and when he went to Man City he took me with him.'    Who?


Who is pictured alongside?


Leeds played a mahoosive 65 first team league and cup matches in 1974/75 including 6 games against the same club - which club?


Leeds United played in a FA Cup Final for the first time in 1965, against Liverpool. The Leeds team in that match (no substitutes in those days) was - Willie Bell, Billy Bremner, Jackie Charlton, Johnny Giles, Norman Hunter, Alan Peacock, Paul Reaney and.....name two of the missing four players.


Which New Zealand-born Leeds fan narrated Take Us Home: Leeds United, a documentary on the 2018/19 season?



Leeds have the very unusual distinction of playing in a European final match which was abandoned because of a waterlogged pitch. Who were they playing in that match?


Jack Charlton's Testimonial match played at Elland Road in May 1973 was against which club?


Who is the only person in the world ever to have managed both Stamford FC and Leeds United?



Two Leeds players played for England against Portugal in a 2002 friendly at Villa Park. One was winning his one and only full cap for England
and he set up a goal for the other Leeds player which was the only goal he ever scored for his country. Name either of them.


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Earls Park FC - nicknamed the Sparks - was a fictional club in which football-based soap opera broadcast on ITV between 2002 and 2006?

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