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Who was the Leicester City player who in 1982/83 finished top of the Division 2 goalscoring chart with 26 League goals to his name?


During the summer of 2014 it was reported that which Premier League player was considering asking for a transfer after no-one at the club had wished him a happy birthday?


Back in the late 1980's which club got into the Guinness Book of Records when the roof of one of its stands (pictured) with two giant 'Heritage Hampers' ads on it was considered the largest advertising hoarding in the country?


In June 2013 who was sacked as the manager of a then Championship club claiming the first he heard of the sacking was when being told of it on air by his BBC colleagues when working for them as a TV pundit covering the Confederations Cup?


Which club did Carlos Tevez play for when he first came to England?


Which Scottish League side has its home at Somerset Park?


Pictured right is a former senior football administrator who was banned from football after a corruption scandal. Who?


Which Arsenal player was sent off after just 18 minutes of their 2006 Champions League final against Barcelona?



In two relegation seasons from the Premier League which club lost their last 15 League matches of the season in 2002/03 and when back in the top flight managed just one home League victory in the 2005/06 season?


Which former Coronation Street actor bought a Premier League club?

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Kevin Keegan and family, a PR picture from the 1970s which was meant to show that footballers were just like the rest of us. It had to be said though that you probably needed to be a football superstar if you were going to be able to afford the weekly shampoo bill that must have put a strain on the Keegan finances!

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