Quiz 46 - Barry Fry

Love him or hate him there is no doubt that Barry Fry
 has been about a bit and done a thing or two so 
thinking of 10 interesting questions wasn't too much of a problem.
Give it a try please.

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Who was the ticket-tout Chairman who Barry Fry had so much trouble with when he was manager of Barnet?


At the first club Fry managed he signed Jeff Astle to play in his Southern League side and George Best as a guest in friendlies. Which non-league club was that?


In September 1998 Barry Fry took the team he managed at the time to play a club he had formerly managed in a League fixture. His current side won 9-1. Which two clubs were in opposition?


Fry had Jimmy Greaves signed on as a player when manager of which club?


Which club did Fry join as an apprentice when he left school (he did not make any first-team appearances for them)?



Barry Fry made a total of 21 Football League appearances, turning out for 3 clubs in League matches. Name any one of those three clubs. 


Who did Fry manage to an Auto Windscreen Shield final victory over Carlisle at Wembley in April 1995?


Which side did Fry play for at Wembley in April 1960, scoring a goal in front of 93,000 spectators?


A dickey heart prevented Fry taking up an opportunity to appear in which TV programme that ran for nearly three weeks in November/December 2006?


He once managed the club whose ground is pictured below (2005 photo). Which club? 


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