Quiz 63 - General Football 

So you think that you know a thing or two about football - 
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A mixture of easy and tough questions with a pass mark 
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Don Mackay, Kenny Dalglish, Ray Harford, Roy Hodgson, Brian Kidd and Tony Parkes were the managers of which club in the 1990s?


You remember a match when the home team had a monkey called H'Angus as a mascot and the away team had a lion called Kingsley Royal as their mascot. Which two teams were playing in the match you were thinking of?


When this picture was taken in 2003 the ground had just started to stage Football League matches for the first time. Name the ground.




After resigning as team manager of the England Rugby Union side in 2004 Clive Woodward joined which football club as Performance Director?


Diego Maradona scored his 'Hand of God' goal for Argentina against England, but in which country was that match played?


In the 10 years from 1982 which club had its shirts sponsored by Crown Paints and then Candy?


Name the former club chairman, pictured right.


Who scored a goal after just 25 seconds in the 2009 FA Cup final?


Which foreign club has the nickname The Rossoneri Devils?


'Addicted', first published in 1998, was the autobiography of which footballer?

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