Quiz 6 - General Football

So you think that you know a thing or two about football - test your knowledge with this Quiz.

Some of the questions are easy, some difficult but overall I would give it a pass mark of 5 out of 10.

So will you end up as a smart arse or duffer?
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David Beckham wasn't the first England captain to marry a member of an all-girl singing group. Billy Wright was married to a member of which singing trio?


Name the Englishman who refereed the 1974 World Cup Final.


Which 1980s England international is pictured on the right?


Who did Manchester City beat 9-0 in the first leg of their League Cup (Carabao Cup) semi-final in January 2019?


In the 2010/11 season which English club recorded victories over both AC Milan and Inter Milan in Champions League matches before being knocked out by Real Madrid?



If you were in Methil watching the home team play the visitors from Kirkcaldy which two Scottish League sides would you be watching?


Which famous northern ground is pictured alongside?
(2003 photo)


Who did Aston Villa defeat in the 1982 European Cup Final? 


Who managed Watford to their FA Cup final appearance in 2019?


Which is the home ground of the Cobblers?


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