Quiz 35 - General Football 

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 Football Quiz.

As always a few easy questions as well as a toughie or two 
so a pass mark of 5 out of 10 I reckon.

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Which former Juventus and AC Milan player did Sheffield Wednesday buy from Celtic for around £4,500,000 in August 1977?


Which two English clubs did Tottenham play in the Champions League in 2018/19?


At which ground was the picture alongside taken (in 2005)?


Which Scottish League side scored a remarkable 130 goals in 36 League matches when winning the Third Division title in 2004/05?


Which League side are known as the 'Saddlers'?



In November 2005 England travelled to Geneva in Switzerland to play which country in a friendly international?  


Who is pictured alongside? 


Teddy Sheringham, Jermaine Jenas and Roy Keane have all at one time played for the same League club in their respective playing careers - which club?  


Name for former England international player who was nicknamed 'Crazy Horse'.


Frank was with Shrewsbury, QPR, Ipswich and Carlisle, Derek played most of his League matches for Oxford, Wayne was with Wolves, Birmingham and Everton, Allan managed two clubs he had previously played for while Kelvin played a few League matches for Walsall in the 1970s.  What is the surname of those five brothers?

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No League club could do it until the 1981/82 season but York City were the first to do it - in 1983/84. Fulham were the first club to do it twice while a Premier League club didn't manage it until 2017/18. What?

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