Quiz 59 - General Football

Ten more general football questions. The first target is five to get to the pass mark and anything above five shows a very good
all-round knowledge of football...and a good memory!

Best of luck....

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Assistant referee Ole Hermann Borgan was due to run the line at the Champions League final between Arsenal and Barcelona in May 2006 but the Norwegian was replaced shortly before the Paris match. Why?  


The 2000 Euro Championship finals were the first to be hosted by two countries - which two countries?


Back in 2006 when this photo was taken the players would emerge from the tunnel of which ground to this view?




Who was England manager at the time of England's humiliating defeat to Iceland at the Euro 2016 finals?


In the 2011/12 season which country - Cyprus or Malta - for the first time had a club in the quarter-finals of the Champions League?


Who was the first player to make 100 full international appearances for Northern Ireland?


Name the 'Preston Plumber' whose picture is printed alongside.


Name the former World Cup winner (as a player and a coach) who was nicknamed 'The Kaiser'.


Local fans of Arsenal and Chelsea usually only have short trips to make for Arsenal v Chelsea matches - but not when those clubs met in the 2019 Europa Cup Final. In which far-off country was that match played?


In May 1996 what brought together Dixie Dean, Bobby Moore, Duncan Edwards, Billy Wright and Danny Blanchflower?


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What made the Tyrrell Project 34 cars - which competed in Formula One Grand Prix in 1976 and 1977 - unique? 

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