Quiz 47 - General Football

Another 10 questions covering players, managers, clubs and grounds. Best of luck.

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A 2-1 victory over Switzerland at Wembley with Jermaine Jenas scoring the opening goal proved to be a winning start for which England manager?


Coventry City ground-shared with which fellow Football League side for much of 2013 and 2014?


Pictured right is who in 1964? 


On Wednesday 14th March 2007, in a match at the Emirates Stadium between Arsenal and Manchester United,  a new record attendance of 38,187 was set for a match in which competition?


'I would love it if we beat them. Love it!'. That was voted the quote of the first decade of the Premier League in 2002. Who said it?



At which World Cup finals did Peter Shilton play his 125th and last international appearance for England?


The unique-looking floodlight pylon pictured below was found at a former Football League ground. Which ground?


What is the total number of clubs who play in the 4th Round of the FA Cup?


During the 1980s which Football League club had as it managers Jimmy Sirrel, Howard Wilkinson, Larry Lloyd, Richie Barker, John Barnwell and Neil Warnock?


In July 2003 which player did Chelsea sign from Blackburn Rovers for a reported £16 million fee?


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