Quiz 89 - 1966 World Cup 

If you are Scottish I know that you have got to 
this page by mistake and if you are
English I would hope that you will 10 out of 10 in this quiz.
OK, you may not have been born in 1966 but there
are plenty of books about England's greatest footballing triumph.

So let's see the questions.....

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Which one of England's World Cup winning team was a Blackpool player at the time?


Which player scored the first goal in the World Cup final?


Apart from the 11 players who played in the final  4 other players turned out for England in earlier matches in the competition. One is pictured right - who?


Name the dog who found the World Cup trophy after it had been stolen in 1966.



Three goalkeepers were named in England's squad of 24 players for the finals. Gordon Banks played in every match - name either of the other two 'keepers who didn't get a game.


North Korea 1 Italy 0 was one of the all-time World Cup upset results. At which English ground was that match played in 1966?


What's the connection between the statue and England's World Cup win?


Geoff Hurst finished the finals with 4 goals - who was top scorer with 9 goals?



All but one of the matches played in London in the finals were played at Wembley. The other one was staged at the White City - why couldn't Wembley host that match on the day in question? 


England played 6 matches in the 1966 World Cup finals tournament -  winning 5 and drawing 1 of them. Who was that drawn match against?


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