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: The art of letting the words come out before the brain is engaged, made famous by David Coleman but with very able disciples in Kevin Keegan, Bobby Robson, Ron Atkinson, Terry Venables....in fact it seems endemic amongst the football fraternity.

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"The Merseyside derby games are unique in the city."
Brendan Rodgers

"All of West Ham’s away victories have come on opponents’ territory this season."
Marcus Buckland

"The manager could not even talk to us at the interval. He said we were bad."
John Terry

"Apart from their goals, Norway haven't scored."
Terry Venables

"Doncaster will hit Villa with fire and broomstick."
John Gregory

"Roy Keane going to Celtic would be a case of out of the goldfish bowl, into the fire."
Radio commentator

"What I said to them at half time would be unprintable on the radio."
Gerry Francis

"We’ll not give up even if we’re 12 points behind with one game left."
Joe Hart

"They (Leeds United) used to be a bit like Arsenal, winning by one goal to nil or even less."
Nasser Hussain who thankfully knows more about cricket

"Burton really couldn’t lose tonight – but they have."
Ian Wright

“When David Beckham leaves the game, it will take a very special player to come in and carry the mantelpiece.”
Sophie Nicolau



Other Sports

Colemanballs aren't just about football. Wherever there is a commentator you will find a foot ending up in a mouth at some point. Here are a few covering other sports....

"And there we see the sad sight of Martin Offiah limping off with a broken finger."
Ray French (rugby)

"Griffiths is snookered on the brown, which, for those of you watching in black and white, is the ball directly behind the pink."
Ted Lowe (snooker)

"She puts her head down and bangs it straight across the line."
Ann Jones (tennis)

"And Eddie Irvine’s tyre is only flat at the bottom."
Martin Brundle (F1)

"There you can see her parents. Her father died some time ago."
David Coleman (athletics)

'His future is ahead of him."
Steve Melnyk (golf)

"I stand a 50-50 chance, if not 60-50, against anyone out there."
Frank Bruno (boxing)

"I had a feeling today that Venus Williams would either win or lose."
Martina Navratilova (tennis)

"I'm not sure who's in the lead - it's either Oxford or Cambridge.
John Snagge (commentating on the the boat race!)

"He’s nearly 35 – in fact he’s 33."
Rochie Benaud (cricket)

"Spread out in a bunch."
Noel Murphy (Rugby Union)

"The horse sadly died this morning, so it looks like he won’t be running in the Gold Cup."
Charlie McCann (horse racing)

"I can happily say I’ve made a 100-degree turn in my life."
Hector Camacho (boxing) on his 180-degree return to boxing!

"You must be lost for words. Tell us how it feels."
Derek Thompson (horse racing)

"From this position you’ve got to fancy either your opponent or yourself winning."
Kirk Stevens (snooker)

"Three 140s on the trot – the last one was 100."
Sid Waddell (darts)

"I just want to get back to the shape I'm in now."
Jamie Baulch (athletics)

"Born in Italy, Most of his fights have been in his native New York."
Des Lynam (boxing)

"Was I intimidated by Tiger Woods? A little bit. He's got this aroma about him."
Ben Curtis (golf)

"And he’s out there in front breaking wind for the rest of the peloton."
Phil Leggett (cycling)

"He seems to have had a problem with his right foot which has run with him all day.
Robin Jackman (cricket)

"Michael Schumacher takes the lead, which he needs to if he’s going to win this Grand Prix."
James Allen (F1)

"There isn't a record in existence that hasn't been broken."
Chay Blyth (sailing)

"She hasn't run faster than herself before."
Zola Budd (athletics)


"We had enough chances to win the game. In fact we did win it."
Alex Smith when Aberdeen manager

"Manchester United could only beat Exeter 2-0 – and it was just 1-0 at one point."
Alan Brazil

"That was a continuance of what we have seen most of the season – that is, various clubs beating each other."
Ron Noades

"I was feeling as sick as the proverbial donkey."
Mick McCarthy

"So, this movie you star in, The Life Story of George Best, tell us what it's about."
Sky Sports commentator

"I’d never allow myself to let myself call myself a coward."
Graham Taylor

"I was a young lad when I was growing up."
David O’Leary

"I just wonder what would have happened if the shirt had been on the other foot."
Mike Walker

"That was the perfect penalty - apart from he missed it."
Rob McCaffrey

"He had defenders swarming around him like a wet blanket."
Gerry Armstrong

“My parents have been there for me, ever since I was about 7.”
David Beckham

"When England go to Turkey there could be fatalities – or even worse, injuries."
Phil Neal




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