Quiz 77 - World Cup

A World Cup Quiz for you to have a go at - and I promise no questions about England taking penalties.

Some of the questions are easy, some difficult but overall I would give it a pass mark of 5 out of 10.

So will you end up as a world champ or an also-ran?

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Who were the first European country to win a World Cup in a finals competition played outside of Europe?


The only African national to reach the knock-out stages of the 2006 World Cup finals were playing in the finals for the first time. Which country?


The player - pictured right - hit the headlines at the 1978 World Cup Finals. Who is he and why did he hit the headlines?


Who was the Celtic player who was in the England squad for the 2014 World Cup finals?



How many countries took part in the 2018 World Cup finals held in Russia?



At which World Cup finals did Kevin Keegan make his final international appearance for England?


The emblem printed alongside came from which World Cup finals?


In which country was the 2002 final between Brazil and Germany played?



Which country has reached the final of the World Cup twice but will never reach it a third time?


The England football team didn't get to the 2010 World Cup final but England did supply the officials for the final! Howard Webb was the referee - name either of his linesmen.

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"That's football, Mike, Northern Ireland have had several chances and haven't scored but England have had no chances and scored twice."

Trevor Brooking

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