Quiz 83 - General Sport 

Another 10 questions from 10 different sports.
I wouldn't say any are easy...but question 9 is impossible 
(now that's a challenge!).

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Cranker, Tweener and Stroker are terms used in which sport?


Former FA Cup winning goalkeeper Dave Beasant was named as substitute goalkeeper by which club for a 2014/15 League 2 fixture - at the age of 55?


What did Red Bull do to their cars for the first time at the 2007 British Grand Prix at Silverstone which gave them a very unusual look?



At which British Racecourse would you find the Rowley Mile course?


In 1976 which England cricket captain said of the West Indians just before a test series against England ‘if they are down they grovel and I intend to make them grovel’. England lost the series 3-0!


In January 2013 which British Olympic medalist said 'I can't tell you how many times you slide down the beam and your leotard's up your bum'?



Which famous sporting trophy is pictured alongside?


From 1982
Jahangir Khan won 10 British Open titles on the trot in which sport?


In the period between 2014 and 2017 both England and New Zealand recorded runs of 18 rugby union international wins on the trot. But 18 isn't the world record - which country enjoyed a world record 24 consecutive rugby union international wins between 2008 and 2014?


‘The Power’ is the nickname of which darts player?


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No League club could do it until the 1981/82 season but York City were the first to do it - in 1983/84. Fulham were the first club to do it twice while a Premier League club didn't manage it until 2017/18. What?

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