Quiz 43 - General Football 

Another general football quiz for you to try.

As always a few easy questions as well as a toughie or two 
so a traditional pass mark of 5 out of 10 I reckon.

See how you get on

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On January 12th 2020 Sergio Agüero scored a hat-trick in Manchester City's 6-1 Premier League victory at Aston Villa. Those goals increased his total Premier League goals tally to 177 which was a new record for goals scored in the Premier League by a foreign player. Who had held the record previously?


Following on from question 1 that hat-trick also saw Sergio Agüero become the new top hat-trick scorer in the Premier League with 12. Until then who had shared with him the top spot of 11 Premier hat-tricks?


Who is pictured alongside?


Who are the 'Stags' who play at the Field Mill Ground?


Who managed Fulham to the Europa League final in 2010?



The last two league matches played at this ground were the Premier League visits of Manchester United on Sunday 13th May and Arsenal on Saturday 19th May 2001. Which ground?


A which ground would you find this statue?


Paul Gascoigne's last few appearances in the Football League were for which club?


Macedonia, Slovakia, Turkey were three of the other 4 countries in England's group in the Euro 2004 qualifiers. The other opponent was a 'minor' country who England had never played before - who?


Many footballers seem to lack imagination when it comes to giving a name to their autobiographies. The most popular title - which include autobiographies from David Beckham, Paul Gascoigne, Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand - is what?


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John Ravenscroft  was a Liverpool fanatic whose four children had the Christian names of William Anfield, Alexandra Anfield, Thomas Dalglish and Florence Shankly. By what name was John Ravenscoft better known as? 

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