Quiz 42 - World Cup 

I said in my last Quiz that the Olympics are the biggest sporting 
event in the world. Even as a football fan I found it far easier to set Olympic questions than World Cup ones - I guess that the Olympics are far more embracing than a single sport competition.

So this isn't the easiest of quizzes - you won't get question 5 right!

So will you end up as a World Cup winner?

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In November 1993 England conceded one of their most embarrassing World Cup goals when David Gualtieri scored against them less than 10 seconds from the kick off. That was in a qualifying match against which country?


Who was sent off in the 2006 World Cup final when he famously head-butted Italian Marco Materazzi?


Who is the player - pictured right - who scored 10 goals in the 1970 World Cup finals to help his country reach 3rd place in the competition?


Who was the 17-year-old who played for Northern Ireland in the 1982 World Cup finals?


If 2006 World Cup winner Simone Perrotta of Italy had played for the country of his birth rather than Italy who would he have played for?



Name any of the three opponents England faced in the Group stage of the 2002 World Cup finals in Japan & Korea.


Name the mascot (pictured alongside) that was used at the 1966 World Cup finals in England.

8. Name the Port Vale fan who sang a song or two as part of the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia.



Why did the referee delay the start of the 1974 World Cup final?


Which country reached the World Cup Final in both 1974 and 1978 but were beaten on both occasions?



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In January 2013 which British Olympic medalist said
'I can't tell you how many times you slide down the beam and your leotard's up your bum'?

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